Wednesday, September 27, 2006 

Home Sweet Home

Back in Sydney.... almost in tears when I looked at my boarding pass from LAX to SYD. Not cause of the shit seat, but because it is the end of the journey. I had a laugh at Vancouver airport where the Internet kiosk's blocked access to my blog!

A quick flight down to LAX, a few beers at Chilli's, then the 14.5 hour flight back to Australia. I did manage to get a few hours sleep (with the help of a few bottles of red) so the flight didn't feel too long.

So back in Oz. Mum picked my up from the airport and after a morning long battle with FedEx and Customs to get my laptop I had sent back from the states cleared, we finally got back to Mums apartment and a shower, cuppa, meat pie and the obligatory Mum's fridge raid!!

Sim arrived that evening so it was really good to see him again (even though I'm so buggered I can't help him with those "Scubar?" "Beer?" remarks he keeps dropping!)

The first weekend back in Oz and Shitty's wedding down in Wollongong, the AFL grand final (bloody West Coast won), then the NRL grand final (who cares). Even though i've had a few things on I'm missing all the places, people and experiences I've just seen, met and had. I'm also completely buggered. A few nanna naps and I should be back into full flight - good enough to attack my todo list (tax, bank, real life etc).

So this is the end of this blog. Stay tuned for the next adventure... as for now... Goodbye!!